TRUE T-23-HC 27″ Single Section Reach-In Refrigerator, (1) Solid Door

The True T-23 refrigerator is designed to provide compact cold storage for busy restaurant kitchens. The unit includes three durable, gray, PVC-coated wire shelves, each of which is adjustable in 1⁄2 increments so you can customize the refrigerator to suit your specific needs. The refrigerator holds temperatures between 33-38 degrees Fahrenheit to keep food safe and fresh.

This one-section, reach-in refrigerator is built with a stainless steel front and an aluminum top, back, and sides. Inside the equipment, a clear-coated aluminum liner and stainless steel floor with coved corners make for easy cleaning and sanitation. The True T-23 reach-in refrigerator meets NSF 7 standards for holding open food so products can be stored in containers that aren't their original packages.


  • Capillary tube refrigeration system uses R290 refrigerant, a natural hydrocarbon that is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than refrigerants used in the past
  • 12-HP compressor is balanced with large evaporator and condenser coils to provide shorter run times and responsive temperature recovery
  • Reliable cast iron evaporator motor drives a large fan to move high volumes of air over the coils to provide consistent temperatures
  • Condensing unit is located in the bottom of the cabinet, a feature that gives service technicians quick and convenient access to the compressor and condenser coil
  • Automatic defrost system initiates and terminates automatically, and is designed for the shortest achievable defrost cycle
  • Epoxy-coated evaporator will resist rust, even in the presence of acidic foods
  • Airflow guards in the rear of the cabinet maintain optimal airflow
  • Exterior temperature display
  • Meets NSF 7 standards for holding food outside of its original container
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, 5.5 A, NEMA 5-15 plug and 9-ft. cord included

Overall Dimensions: 27 in. L x 291⁄2 in. D x 783⁄8 in. H (height excludes 5-in. for castors)